Rick Saterstad - Port Huron, MI

Graphic Design, Web Development, Print/Publishing, Aerial/Land Videography and Marketing/Management.

Since the inception of the internet, 1998 was a pivotal year. When restrictions on commercial use were lifted in 1995, these early years marked the explosion of the World Wide Web, I have immersed myself in various facets of multimedia design and development since then.
My journey has encompassed a wide array of roles, from running my independent firm to engaging in contract work with diverse companies. These roles have afforded me the opportunity to shoulder responsibilities spanning programming and web development, artistic graphic design, comprehensive branding initiatives, and the establishment and management of IT departments for organizations and their teams.
My experience is both wide-ranging and extensive, encapsulating a true understanding of the multimedia landscape.

My Objective

I am currently operating FlatHat Studio // Sandpiper Air LLC for drone videography, Graphic/Web Design on a part-time basis. I am eager to expand my horizons and make myself available for
freelance assignments, short-term projects, contract opportunities, or full-time employment
in the following areas of specialization. Additionally, I bring a wealth of experience as a Marketing Director and Manager, as highlighted in my resume, and I am open to exploring opportunities within your organization if my qualifications align with the positions available.



Business Cards/Stationery

Print Advertising




Web Design/Development


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