Of all the services I have been offering or contracted to do over the years, Website Design and Development has changed the most. Admittedly it has evolved out of necessity to keep up with changing technology. As consumers become more reliant on their phones and tablets, web programming evolved to provide the user a better experience, namely, “Responsive Web Design” which quite simply means the pages adjust and change to fit the device’s view port (screen).
In my opinion, this has forced developers to be slightly less creative and web design has become a bit more predictable. You will note, especially in my older designs below dating back more than 20 years in some cases, styles you won’t see any longer. The programming with fixed widths and fonts and pics that do not adjust is now antiquated. That being said I still take on web development jobs and adhere to the current standards. Looking back however, is fun.

Newer Responsive Websites & Current Projects

Older NON-Responsive Websites



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Web Design/Development


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